Local Business Owners Brace for Construction Impacts on Downtown Allegan’s Foot Traffic

Downtown Allegan business owners express worries about roundabout construction in their area

As construction projects loom over downtown Allegan, business owners are expressing concerns about their impact on the area’s foot traffic. Shelly Evans, an employee at Hathaway Cottage & Gifts, shares her worry that the business could suffer like it did last year during the construction season.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is set to install a roundabout at the intersections of four streets just outside of downtown Allegan as part of a larger effort to resurface a significant portion of M-89 leading into the city. Downtown and Community Services Manager Parker Johnson explains that the project will begin outside of city limits and extend into town, culminating in the installation of a roundabout at the junction of five streets.

Last year’s similar project revamped streets, sidewalks, and underground infrastructure in downtown Allegan was intended to improve the area. However, some business owners have expressed concerns based on past experiences. Trisha Winter, owner of Something Sweet For You, recalls how difficult it was for customers to visit her store during construction last summer.

Despite these challenges, many business owners remain optimistic about downtown Allegan’s future. Johnson notes that the project is divided into two stages, with a road closure set to begin on March 25 and reopen in time for the Allegan County Fair. The second stage will follow after the fair and is expected to be completed by November.

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