Lehto Group Explores Possibilities for Reducing 220 Person-Years of Work

Lehto Group has initiated negotiations to adapt its operations to market conditions and potentially reorganize the company. A total of 320 employees are involved in the negotiations, including 155 who are currently laid off full-time or part-time. However, construction site officials and hourly employees working on specific sites are excluded from the scope of the negotiations.

The company’s press release stated that the negotiations may result in a maximum of 220 person-years of work being affected. Negotiable matters include the possibility of dismissals and layoffs, continuation of current layoffs, part-time shifts, job changes, transfers to other positions or organizations, and related retraining issues.

In addition to these negotiations, Lehto Group has also announced a letter of intent indicating the sale of all business to a foreign financial company. The remaining content in the original text does not pertain to the scope of this initial passage.

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