Lakers Secure Win Despite Injured James, Dončićs Suffer Defeat

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets played a nail-biting game that ended with the Lakers winning by “half a basket” in the last second of the game. LeBron James scored a free throw to finish the match with 37 points, six rebounds, and eight assists.

In another exciting game, Slovenian basketball player Luka Dončić lost to the Sacramento Kings with the Dallas Mavericks at home. However, Lithuanian Domantas Sabonis excelled once again, scoring 32 points with 13 rebounds and six assists. Dončić scored 25 points with ten rebounds and seven assists.

The Denver Nuggets lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 121-109, but Nikola Jokić scored an impressive 18 points with ten rebounds and seven assists for the defeated team. Darius Garland led Cleveland to victory with 26 points, three rebounds, and six assists.

The Boston Celtics won against the Memphis Grizzlies by a basket (102-100), which was scored by Kristaps Porzingis just a minute before the end of the game. He finished the match with an impressive performance of 26 points, eight rebounds, and an assist. Desmond Bane scored 30 points for Memphis two rebounds and eight assists.

The Utah Jazz faced off against the Phoenix Suns in a thrilling overtime game that ended with the Suns winning by three points (140-137). Lauri Markkanen from Finland scored an incredible 38 points for his teammates, along with 17 assists, while Kevin Durant from America scored 39 points for his teammates while also contributing eight rebounds and ten assists.

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