Kenyan President Calls for Greater Inclusivity in Global Governance

During the second Voice of Global South Summit, held virtually on Friday, President William Ruto urged nations in the Global South to unite in addressing issues affecting the world. He stressed that it is time for these nations to take advantage of the democratic character of multilateralism to push for meaningful changes.

The Head of State highlighted that collaborative efforts will empower the Global South to expedite its economic growth and transform it into the driving force of the next phase of the Industrial Revolution. However, he noted that systematic marginalisation and exclusion from multilateral discourse in terms of effective participation and benefits are holding back the overdue economic renaissance of the Global South.

President Ruto emphasized that nations in the Global South must step forward to safeguard their collective interests. He cited fiscal measures taken by powerful economies, supply chain disruptions on account of conflicts, high-interest rates driving nations into debt distress as some of the main global issues affecting those in the Global South. These conditions have created an environment where millions of people are poor and unemployed, struggling against a global order that appears rigged against their aspirations.

The President also urged leaders from around the world to use COP28 to push for global climate action. “It can no longer be business as usual when the people of the Global South are unfairly punished by extreme climate for the economic sins of others,” he said. Prime Minister Nahendra Modi and other leaders from countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe were present at the summit.

In conclusion, President Ruto’s message was clear: The Global South needs unity and collaborative efforts to address global issues such as poverty, unemployment, debt distress, supply chain disruptions on account of conflicts, and climate change. By working together towards a common goal, these nations can transform themselves into key drivers of economic growth and shape a better future for themselves and generations to come.

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