Journeying Across the Globe: Chinese Women Discover the Surprising Beauty of Luka Modrić’s Hometown

In the small town of Zaton Obrovački, at the foot of Velebit, is where Luka Modrić was born. Today, it stands as a ruin after being set on fire by a Serbian aggressor during the war. Despite this, it has become a tourist attraction for fans of the Croatian football star.

Recently, three Chinese women arrived in Croatia to watch Modrić and his team play against Armenia. They were eager to visit his birthplace and expected it to be a museum or some kind of exhibit. However, they were met with an empty ruin instead. The owner of a local travel agency named “Dalma Travel,” Teo Kanjer, shared with Slobodna Dalmacija that he was afraid that the visitors would not explore too much due to the mines in the area.

Despite this setback, Kanjer decided to take the enthusiastic Chinese women through Stanovi Stadium where Modrić began his football journey. There they encountered another obstacle – a padlock preventing them from entering. Undeterred, they painted over the bars and made their way inside. To their surprise, one of them recognized a place from Modrić’s biography – an old parking lot known as “Iž” hotel where Luka spent his exile days in Zadar as a boy.

Overall, despite some challenges along the way, these tourists were able to have a unique experience visiting Luka Modrić’s birthplace and gaining insight into his early years in football.

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