Jon Stewart Takes on Biden’s Age, Trump’s Legal Troubles and Special Counsel Report in First Monologue Back on ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart Returns and Shares Candid Thoughts on Biden’s Age

Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show,” and he wasted no time in making his presence known. He began his first day back by dedicating much of his monologue to the age of President Joe Biden, expressing his skepticism about the praise that Biden’s allies have bestowed upon him.

Stewart then went on to outline the ways in which Biden differs from his opponent, acknowledging that while Trump regularly says things that would warrant a wellness check at his own rallies, Biden has lost a step. However, Stewart also noted that Trump’s legal troubles are well-documented and numerous, making it important to scrutinize both candidates even more closely as the stakes of the election continue to rise.

In addition to his comments on age and legal troubles, Stewart also shared his thoughts on TikTok videos and press-conference gaffes, highlighting the unflattering special-counsel report that has called Biden’s memory into question. Despite all this, Stewart seemed optimistic about the future of democracy and encouraged viewers to stay vigilant in their efforts to protect it.

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