Israel Completes Clearing of Western Gaza Strip, Moves Forward with Next Stage of Operation

On Thursday, Israeli authorities announced that the western part of Gaza’s capital has been “cleared” following operations by the Israeli Army in response to an offensive launched by Hamas on October 7. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that Israel is now transitioning to the “next phase” of its ground operation in the area, despite the high death toll from Israeli bombings in Gaza.

During a visit to the troops of the 36th infantry division, Gallant confirmed that the Army has taken control of “the entire western part of Gaza,” which is now “clear” and free of “Hamas operatives.” He also reported “significant finds” at the Gaza hospital in Al Shifa as the Army advances in its incursion into the area, but did not provide details about the material found.

The ongoing operation is being carried out in a precise, selective, and determined manner, according to Gallant. This latest development comes amid international concern and condemnation of the violence in Gaza. It’s important to note that there have been ongoing tensions between Israel and Hamas for years, with frequent clashes and military operations taking place in the region. The situation remains volatile and unpredictable, with many civilians caught in the crossfire.

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