Iserlohn: Police Search for Train Station Thugs Using Profile Picture

In Iserlohn, North Rhine-Westphalia, the police are searching for a man with dark blonde hair and a beard, who is suspected of being a thug following an attack on a passerby at the station forecourt during the summer. The victim was asking for some change when he was suddenly assaulted and beaten by three men before they fled the scene, leaving behind their cell phone. The police have found the suspect’s profile picture on the phone and are seeking information from the public to identify him. The victim has described the suspect as being around 30 to 45 years old, and the phone was set to Romanian.

On the other hand, in many states in the United States, arrest information is publicly available. For example, in California, the federal judicial system has an open access to public information about arrests. Similarly, Florida, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Washington also have open access policies for arrest information. Each state has its own system for providing access to public information about arrests, with some states having more open policies than others.

The public information available can include details about the hierarchy of the judicial system, criminal laws, and specific details about what information is included in arrest records and how to access them. Given that there is variation in access to public information about arrests across different states in the US

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