Introducing CoMMeT by LS Digital: The Latest in Programmatic Marketing Technology

Introducing CoMMeT by LS Digital: The Latest in Programmatic Marketing Technology

LS Digital, a leading independent digital marketing transformation (DMT) company, has introduced CoMMeT, a technology designed specifically to address the challenges encountered by brands and advertising agencies in the media buying, optimization, and measurement process. This new service aims to streamline and automate the complex media buying process by utilizing a combination of third-party tools and LS Digital’s proprietary marketing technology, incorporating API integration, AI, and advanced measurement for data-driven insights.

At the launch event for CoMMeT, Maanesh Vasudeo, Senior VP of Media Operations at LS Digital, described the technology as the “Confluence of Media, Measurement, & Technology” and highlighted how it integrates various digital marketing products to offer top-notch marketing solutions and streamline the programmatic adoption process for brands. The service provides marketers with access to a centralized system that includes multiple ad exchanges, media measurement platforms, dynamic creative optimization technology, and data visualization tools to enhance campaign insights and efficiency.

By bringing together media buying, measurement, and creative optimization under one platform with the aid of AI and technology, CoMMeT offers a game-changing solution that transforms the management of ad campaigns, enhances audience reach, and boosts marketing campaign efficiency. Furthermore, the service allows for the deployment of campaigns across various environments such as CTV, DOOH, and Audio, providing marketers with detailed data visualizations, Big Query tools, and real-time reports on audience reach, frequency analysis, and performance.

Incorporating premium third-party data and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology, CoMMeT enables marketers to automate the customization of ads to appeal to a broader consumer base. With these capabilities, CoMMeT aims to revolutionize the way brands approach programmatic marketing, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced in the digital advertising landscape.

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