Important Update: SDSS Members Release Official Statement

On Remembrance Day, representatives of the Independent Democratic Serbian Party (SDSS) and other Serbian organizations will be presenting a statement to the public. They have chosen to set the date of their arrival a day earlier in order to coincide with the largest gathering of people. The location of their commemoration is the Danube, where many civilians, both Croats and Serbs, lost their lives.

The SDSS representatives believe that it is important to pay respect to the terrible suffering that occurred there, ensuring that both Croats and Serbs are not forgotten. Following their tribute at the Danube, they will proceed to OvĨara to lay wreaths for those killed from the Vukovar hospital. They will then visit the church of St. Nicholas to light candles for all victims, acknowledging the shared loss that occurred during the events of the war.

However, Domovinski pokret has stated that this action violates the Law on Piety of Vukovar by throwing a wreath into the Danube on November 17th. They have declared that they will not allow this to happen this year, showing tension and potential conflict surrounding

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