IBM Technology Expert Labs: Revolutionizing Technology Adoption Worldwide with Expertise in Generative AI, Data & AI, Automation and More.

Expansion of IBM Technology Expert Labs in India to Promote Gen AI and Key Technologies Adoption

IBM Technology Expert Labs is set to enhance and expedite technology adoption for clients worldwide. The India Centre focuses on building capacity and competency in areas such as Generative AI, Data & AI, Automation, Sustainability, Security, Cloud, and Software. This initiative aims to support businesses in leveraging these technologies effectively for their growth and success.

Technology Expert Labs has emphasized the importance of scaling successful Proof of Concepts to production environments quickly. Vice President Sanjay Pal highlighted the need for experts who can guide businesses through each step of their technology adoption journey, ensuring the success of their projects. The Technology Expert Labs is poised to provide this expertise, enabling clients to deploy products and solutions rapidly and successfully.

Gaurav Sharma, Vice President of IBM India Labs and Ecosystem, noted the strategic location of the Technology Expert Labs alongside IBM Product Development teams in Bengaluru and Kochi. This proximity will provide the team with valuable insights, features, and solutions that benefit IBM clients and partners both in India and globally. The team has already contributed to successful client engagements in various regions and is working towards further expansion.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, organizations are seeking a comprehensive approach to harness its power for growth and success. With expert teams like Technology Expert Labs on board, businesses can navigate through the complexities of technology adoption and unlock its full potential.

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