Heinz Introduces Ketchup Insurance to Protect its Loyal Customers from Messy Mishaps

World’s First Ketchup Insurance Policy Launched by Heinz

In the UAE, Heinz has launched a new campaign to offer compensation to its customers who experience accidents while using its popular red sauce. Despite the occasional mishap, most customers believe that the taste of Heinz ketchup is worth it.

Known as the sixth-most-awarded advertiser globally, Heinz has introduced ketchup insurance to assist its customers who get carried away with their love for the condiment. The brand is promoting the use of its MyBenefits app, which covers 57 different types of claims for those who feel that the flavor of Heinz is worth the risk.

Fans of Heinz in the UAE can now receive compensation through rewards such as home cleaning services, laundry assistance, handyman services, and luxurious spa treatments. Passant El Ghannam, head of marketing at Kraft Heinz MEA, said: “Here at Heinz, we know our fans’ love for our ketchup can sometimes be a bit over the top… Our research indicates that 48% of them have ketchup accidents frequently, but 91% believe that their love for Heinz makes it completely worth it.”

The introduction of ketchup insurance by Heinz aims to transform messy incidents into moments of joy and convenience for loyal fans, allowing them to embrace their love for ketchup without any worries.

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