Hamburg Hospital Quickly Resolves Incident of Girl Pretending to Be a Doctor and Brief Baby Kidnapping

A dramatic incident occurred on Monday at a hospital in the Hamburg district of Heimfeld. While the mother was in the doctor’s office for a pediatric examination with her child, a Bulgarian woman (18) approached her and took the baby, running away from the clinic. According to Bild, the woman was told by a girl who played the doctor that she had dropped something at the information desk and would take care of the baby.

A few moments later, it was discovered that there was no baby. The situation quickly escalated, and two groups of large families gathered in front of the hospital, allegedly consisting of around 40 people. The police were called upon to calm down the crowd as people accused each other of kidnapping.

Less than two hours later, the woman returned with the baby and handed it over to hospital staff. She was taken into custody and is being investigated on suspicion of kidnapping. Bild reports that she recently suffered a miscarriage, which may have contributed to her actions.

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