Growing Popularity of aLITE® Platform Technology in the Textile Industry

Growing Popularity of aLITE® Platform Technology in the Textile Industry

The adphos group in Bruckmühl, Bavaria, is a leading technological company in the field of industrial thermal processes. They have developed their own patented technologies, aNIR® and aLITE®, which allow for coating, printing, dyeing, and impregnation processes to dry and fix within seconds. This technology is particularly beneficial for temperature-sensitive materials like textiles and non-woven fabrics.

At the upcoming techtextil convention from April 23rd to April 26th, 2024, visitors can learn more about the latest application-optimized and customer-specific solutions for thermal processes in textile coatings and printing of smart textiles. adphos will also showcase functional thermal processes for multi-layer based electronic structures on textile materials at the joint exhibition booth of Bayern Innovativ in hall 12.1 at booth number C65.

The aNIR® and aLITE® processes allow for water-based printing inks, colorants, pigments, and dispersion ink systems to dry without distortion, especially at low temperatures and increased production speeds. This results in significantly improved product quality, particularly for environmentally friendly water-based applications. Additionally, energy requirements are reduced by more than 80%, leading to cost savings. Furthermore, these electrothermal solutions from adphos are completely CO2 emission-free.

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