Governor Gordon’s Address Highlights Wyoming’s Strong Economy and Need for Property Tax Relief During 2024 Budget Session

Wyoming’s Governor Advocates for Property Tax Relief and Emphasizes State’s Robust Economy in State of the State Speech – Sheridan Media

On Monday, the 67th Wyoming Legislature convened in a joint session to begin the first day of the legislative proceedings for the 2024 Budget Session. To open the session, Miss Wyoming USA Beck Bridger of Sheridan sang the National Anthem.

During his State of the State Address, Governor Mark Gordon highlighted Wyoming’s strong economy and emphasized property tax relief. He noted that the state’s gross domestic product is higher than ever before and unemployment rates are at their lowest since 2008. However, he also addressed the impact of Biden Administration’s energy policies on Wyoming and the energy industry.

Governor Gordon urged Legislators to focus on passing a conservative budget that maintains general fund spending at a flat level when compared to 2021. His proposed budget takes into account significant needs like property tax relief, targeting those truly in need. The Governor also reminded legislators to consider how legislation could affect county resources, roads, and schools when addressing high property taxes.

In addition to education, mental health, and border security, Governor Gordon discussed these topics in his address and promised more details in future stories about his State of the State speech.

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