Goat’s Milk Cheese Producers Split Creek Farm Take Home Multiple Awards in Prestigious World Championship Contest!

Upstate Farm Takes Home Several Awards at World Championship Cheese Competition

Split Creek Farm, located in Anderson County, South Carolina, recently made headlines at the World Championship Cheese Contest. The farm took home multiple awards, including second and third place in the semi-soft (semi-hard) goat’s milk cheeses, flavored category. Their success also marked them as having the top-ranking entries from the United States in this category.

The contest, hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, has been a prestigious event since its establishment in 1957. Split Creek Farm expressed their gratitude to everyone who has supported their farm and products through a post on social media. Their success at the competition is a testament to their dedication to producing high-quality goat cheese.

The cheeses entered into the contest were traditional marinated feta and a batch of herbed feta. This achievement at the World Championship Cheese Contest showcases Split Creek Farm’s commitment to excellence in cheese-making. Being recognized on an international level for their flavorful and expertly crafted goat’s milk cheeses is a significant accomplishment for the farm. Their success at the competition highlights the talent and skill of the team at Split Creek Farm in Anderson County, South Carolina.

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