Go Gopher Basketball and Softball: Upcoming Events and Student-Athlete Development on University of Minnesota Athletics Website

Athletics at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Athletics website is currently displaying a Page Not Found (404) error message, indicating that the requested page is not available on the site. To find the content you are looking for, you can use the main navigation or search bar.

On the website, you can find information about upcoming events and sports at the University of Minnesota. You can check out the list of sports and events provided on the website, or refer to the schedule for basketball, softball, and other sports by using the navigation menu.

Some of the upcoming events include Women’s Basketball vs Rutgers on March 6th at 8:00 PM and Men’s Basketball vs Indiana also on March 6th at 8:00 PM. On March 7th at 3:00 PM, Softball will be playing at #8/#9 Clemson.

If you are interested in student-athlete development, you can find more information about it on the website as well. Thank you for visiting the University of Minnesota Athletics website.

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