Gin-Filled Haven: A Visit to Paris’s Arbre Sec Distillery

Bringing Fun and Passion to Paris: The First Gin Distillery Opens its Doors

Charlotte Bartoli, 33, and Charlotte Buisson Dackow, 37, have recently opened the Arbre Sec distillery in the heart of Paris. Their passion for gin is evident in everything they do at the distillery, from the brand new gleaming copper still tucked away in a magical spot at the back of the courtyard to the responsible cultivation and wild harvesting that play a key role in sourcing the botanicals.

The distillery is located at 52 rue of the same name, in the 1st arrondissement, within the Trudon mansion, named after Louis XV’s sommelier and wax maker. Visitors can participate in workshops to create their own gin, choosing their favorite plants and ingredients to personalize the spirit. The basement houses a tasting room and space for private events, adding to the overall experience at Arbre Sec.

Charlotte Bartoli and Charlotte Buisson Dackow bring their enthusiasm and expertise to the distillery, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors to discover and enjoy their favorite drink, gin. With their permanent smiles, laughter, and a touch of seriousness, they are dedicated to providing visitors with an unforgettable experience at Arbre Sec.

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