Get Ready to Compete in the SC World Championships with SwimSwam’s Pick’em Contest: Selection and Scoring System Announced

Check Your Selections for the 2024 Short Course World Championships Pick’em Contest

The 2024 Short Course World Championships are about to begin in Doha, Qatar. In preparation for the event, the SwimSwam Pick’em Contest selections are being announced. This post will be featured on the SC World Championships event sidebar, and participants can come back to check on their picks.

The selections for the contest, minus personal information, are as follows. Individuals can use the search function to find their own information. A refresher on the scoring system for the contest is also provided, with points awarded for correctly picking swimmers to place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

Correctly picking a swimmer to place 1st earns 7 points, 2nd earns 5 points, 3rd earns 4 points, and 4th earns

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