Germany prepares for Lufthansa strike on Tuesday and Wednesday

Germany prepares for Lufthansa strike on Tuesday and Wednesday

The cabin crew of Lufthansa, Europe’s leading airline group, is planning to strike on Tuesday for flights departing from Frankfurt airport and on Wednesday for flights departing from Munich, according to the UFO union. The union leader, Joachim Vazquez Bürger, stated that the cabin crew should benefit from the company’s recent success and that efforts made during the coronavirus crisis should be compensated.

The strike, which will affect staff at both Lufthansa and its subsidiary CityLine, is scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. Despite Lufthansa’s record profit of 1.67 billion euros in 2023, an increase of 112% from the previous year, various staff members feel that their salaries have not kept pace with rising prices, impacting their purchasing power.

Previous strikes by Lufthansa ground staff have disrupted traffic at major German airports, and now the cabin crew is preparing to take action. Negotiations between the UFO union and management have not yielded an agreement after 15 rounds, with the union representative Harry Jaeger expressing frustration over the situation.

Passengers are advised to expect disruption due to the strike and are encouraged to make alternative travel arrangements where possible. The union has called for cabin crew members to strike on March 12th and 13th, with rallies planned at Frankfurt and Munich airports. Germany has experienced a wave of strikes in various sectors recently, including transport, affecting Lufthansa and other companies like Deutsche Bahn.

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