From State Champion to College Bound: Leah Lindquist’s Journey to Balancing Faith and Volleyball at Bryan College.

Lindquist Commits to Playing for Bryan College | Latest Updates on News, Sports, and Employment

Leah Lindquist, a talented volleyball player from Our Redeemer’s Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee, recently signed her National Letter of Intent to play volleyball at Bryan College. Surrounded by her parents Mike and Rachel, as well as family, friends and teammates, Lindquist made the decision to continue her volleyball career at the private liberal-arts college in Dayton, Tennessee.

Lindquist was a key leader for her school’s volleyball team that finished third in the state last season. During her search for a faith-based college that aligns with her Christian beliefs, Lindquist and her family discovered Bryan College. They were drawn to the school’s values and the opportunity for Lindquist to play volleyball while pursuing a major in psychology. Her ultimate goal is to become a counselor in a church or small Christian college in the future.

Lindquist’s talent on the court earned her a spot on the Class B All-State team alongside her teammate Maya Vibeto. As she reflects on her time with the Knights volleyball program, Lindquist emphasizes the importance of friendships and being able to express one’s faith within the team. She talks about how playing volleyball has allowed her to glorify God and how much she appreciates the support of her teammates.

Coach Kara Nunziato praised Lindquist for her positive attitude, team spirit and dedication to the program. She described Lindquist as a fun-spirited athlete who enjoys playing with her teammates and has been instrumental in shaping the team culture. With Bryan College providing an ideal platform for both academic excellence and athletic achievement, Lindquist is ready to take on new challenges and pursue her passion for volleyball while also growing in her faith.

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