From Science Fossils to Spacecraft: A Tour of Discovery Lab’s New Stemcell Science Shop

Unique Retail Experience Available at Stemcell Science Shop Inside Discovery Lab

Discovery Lab’s new gift shop, Stemcell Science Shop, offers a unique shopping experience like no other. The shop, which originally started in Tulsa in 2015 and is well-known for its subscription boxes, has recently expanded to include a wide variety of fascinating scientific objects from around the world.

Visitors are able to explore authentic fossils, NASA artifacts, telescopes, and beakers in an immersive environment that resembles a shoppable museum more than a traditional store. The founder of the shop has co-written a new book called “The Universe in 100 Colors,” which is also available for purchase.

News On 6’s Alyssa Miller took viewers on a live tour of the shop recently, showcasing its unique offerings and highlighting the exciting shopping experience that awaits visitors at Stemcell Science Shop inside Discovery Lab.

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