From Entrepreneur to Industry Revolutionary: Meet Mike Zetser and His Banking Platform Flyfish

Introducing the Israeli startup with aspirations to become the Airbnb of the banking industry

Mike Zetser, a young entrepreneur at just 26 years old, founded Flyfish, a marketplace for financial services that connects various financial institutions to merchants and clients. The platform provides customers with a wide range of options in one place, making it easy for bank customers to access the financial services they need.

Zetser envisions Flyfish becoming the biggest bank without actually being a bank. He draws inspiration from companies like Airbnb, which became a major player in the real estate industry without owning any property. By bringing the best financial services together in one platform, Flyfish aims to replicate this success in the banking world and revolutionize the industry with their innovative approach.

In an interview with CTech, Zetser discusses the growth potential of Flyfish and how they plan to make a significant impact in the world of financial services. By partnering with financial institutions and offering a seamless platform for clients and merchants, Flyfish is poised to revolutionize the banking industry. Watch the video above to learn more about Mike Zetser’s vision for Flyfish and the future of banking.

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