From Dream to Reality: Bognar’s Journey to a Thriving Sports Tech Empire

As a Division-I student-athlete, Bognar has her hands full with numerous responsibilities. From maintaining relationships with coaches and peers to managing a successful company, she must balance her time effectively to succeed in all aspects of her life. However, she believes that the ability to capitalize on her own personal brand and create meaningful relationships with fans through NIL is a significant advantage.

For Illinois swim and dive team, the ripple effect of Top Tier Lessons is already paying major dividends. Parents are reaching out to ask about meets and invite their kids to watch their coaches in action. Swimming and diving may not be as publicly recognized or heavily covered in the media as other sports, but Bognar wants to ensure that these non-revenue sports receive more community support. By utilizing NIL, student-athletes can create personal connections with fans and potentially attract more people to attend games.

Bognar’s ambitions are high, but her schedule is equally demanding. With frequent business trips around the country, an academically challenging degree, a successful company to continue building upon, and relationships to maintain, she must prioritize her time wisely. Despite these challenges, she remains committed to using NIL as a tool for growth and connection with fans.

Overall, Bognar recognizes the value of NIL in creating meaningful relationships between student-athletes and fans outside of their sporting achievements. By leveraging this platform, she hopes to build a stronger community around non-revenue sports like swimming and diving at Illinois University.

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