Frank Furr shares the importance of friendship and compromise in politics: A presentation on the relationship between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

Veteran shares story of the friendship that changed history

Frank Furr, a retired US Air Force Colonel with over 27 years of service, has been teaching history at the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning Institute for the past decade. He will be giving a presentation at the Park City Library next week focusing on the relationship between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Furr believes that their friendship and discussions during World War II, despite their disagreements, hold relevance to today’s politics.

Furr points out that both Roosevelt and Churchill were exceptional leaders who came from similar backgrounds of wealth and political involvement. He believes that people will find their story intriguing and enjoyable. He also emphasizes the importance of maintaining friendships and seeking compromise in politics, something he feels is lacking in today’s political climate.

In his presentation, Furr will delve into the books available at the Park City Library that explore the relationship between Roosevelt and Churchill. He hopes that by sharing their story and lessons learned, there can be a positive impact on how politics are conducted today. Furr’s presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, at 4 p.m. at the Park City Library.

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