Four Casualties, Including Two Journalists: The Aftermath of Israeli Attacks on Lebanon

At least four people, including two journalists, have died in new Israeli attacks against areas in southern Lebanon as part of ongoing clashes with the Lebanese Shiite militia party Hezbollah. An 80-year-old Lebanese woman and her granddaughter, of Syrian origin, were killed in an Israeli attack on Kfar Kila in the Marjayun district. Two journalists from the Lebanese channel Al Mayadeen also died due to bombings against the town of Tair Harfa. Additionally, a person who was acting as a guide for the journalists and was identified as Husein Akel also died in the attack. The Israeli Army has denied any responsibility for civilian casualties and stated that they identified and attacked three anti-tank squadrons in the area, as well as terrorist targets of Hezbollah. The attacks have sparked further clashes between Israel and Hezbollah, which has carried out dozens of attacks against Israeli territory across the border with Lebanon.

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