Former NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning Recruits Bill Belichick for Omaha Productions Collaboration and ESPN Broadcast

Peyton Manning Enlists Bill Belichick for Omaha Productions

Peyton Manning, the former NFL quarterback, is working on a plan to help Bill Belichick find a new job. He is trying to recruit Belichick to join Omaha Productions, a company he is involved with. If successful, Manning envisions a potential collaboration between Belichick and Nick Saban for an ESPN broadcast similar to the “ManningCast.” Notable figures involved with Omaha Productions include Sue Bird and David Ortiz. Meanwhile, Peyton and Eli host the “ManningCast” during Monday Night Football on ESPN2. Season four of the ManningCast is set to debut in the Fall. Manning founded Omaha Productions in 2020 and named it after his famous cadence of “Omaha, Omaha!” that he used to call audibles before the ball was snapped.

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