Former Argentine Officer Dies in Berlin Amid Allegations of Misconduct

On Wednesday, it was announced that an Argentine ex-military member, who had been accused of murder in 23 cases by the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office, had passed away in October. The death of the accused brings an abrupt end to decades-long efforts by relatives and investigative authorities in Argentina and Germany to hold the man accountable for his crimes during the 1976-1977 military dictatorship in Argentina.

According to Margarete Koppers, Attorney General in Berlin, the man was a Marine officer and second in command at a military base during the dictatorship. He is alleged to have kidnapped, abducted, tortured and subsequently killed 23 young people who were members of left-wing groups or in contact with them. The public prosecutor’s office accused him of committing murder with treachery and concealing crimes such as kidnapping, deprivation of liberty and torture. He is also said to have acted for base motives.

In January, extensive evidence such as digital data carriers was secured from the accused’s living quarters in Berlin. However, other articles included in the original content are unrelated to this news article about the death of the Argentine ex-military member.

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