Formation of Alliance between Companies in Life Science Engagement and Insights

Formation of Alliance between Companies in Life Science Engagement and Insights

Array, a content-engagement firm specializing in life-science events, has joined forces with Within3, the leading insights-management firm for life-science companies, to create a comprehensive platform for collecting and analyzing data and sentiment from healthcare professionals, patients, and other pharmaceutical stakeholders. This partnership aims to provide a real-time view of the market by integrating advisory board feedback, social listening, and field interactions, all of which are crucial for medical and commercial strategies.

The collaboration between Array and Within3 offers a unique opportunity for pharmaceutical clients to gather insights before in-person advisory board meetings. By utilizing Within3’s asynchronous platform, clients can refine the topics for discussion with advisors based on the feedback collected. This allows for a more focused agenda that addresses specific challenges and drives towards finding solutions. During the meeting, Array’s platform enables leaders to engage attendees and gather insights to determine meeting goals achieved and identify knowledge gaps that need addressing, leading to follow-up meetings and activities related to those gaps.

Lance Hill, CEO of Within3, highlighted how the combined technologies of Array and Within3 meet a critical need in the evolving market. The partnership enables clearer and more effective engagement strategies, along with data-driven support that facilitates complex decision-making. Cindy McVey, director of marketing for Array, emphasized how the partnership extends the value of meetings beyond the traditional event format. Rather than viewing meetings as standalone occurrences generating a single data set, stakeholders can now engage in meaningful work before, during, and after meetings, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of participants’ opinions and insights.

The key to this partnership is the development of a linear process that integrates education, training, marketing, and insight generation before, during, and after meetings. This approach allows for a more holistic and continuous engagement strategy that enhances the overall meeting experience and the value derived from it.

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