Food Over Toys: Study Shows Dogs Prefer Food Rewards for Training

Dog Prioritizes Food Over Toy

A recent study has shown that dogs are more motivated by food than toys when it comes to completing tasks, according to US researchers writing in Animals magazine. To conduct the study, researchers recruited ten pet dogs of different breeds and offered them two pieces of food or two toys, observing which one they chose. Food options included sausage, carrot, cheese, dry dog food, and various treats, while toy options included a ball, tug-of-war, squeak toy and more. The dogs were then trained in tests where they had to touch the researcher’s outstretched hand with their muzzles in order to receive a reward. The white glove meant a food reward while the black glove meant a toy reward. The favorite food motivated every dog while the favorite toy only motivated some of them. Overall, the study concluded that dogs can be trained more effectively with treats than with toys although there may be exceptions for individuals who have been trained with toy rewards since childhood. Additionally, understanding a pet’s preferences when using rewards for training is crucial.

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