Family’s Trust in New Impella Technology Saves Life during Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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On a Sunday night in October, 65-year-old Cindy Miessen experienced sudden hiccups that wouldn’t stop. Despite initially hesitating to wake her husband, Jerry, due to his early work schedule the next day, she knew something was wrong and sought his help.

When Cindy woke Jerry up, she found herself struggling to breathe and gasping for air. The couple called 911, and the last thing Cindy remembers was her husband giving their address to the emergency operator before losing consciousness.

First responders arrived and immediately started CPR on Cindy. Despite attempts to intubate her without success, paramedics were able to keep her alive until they arrived at CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Cindy’s family was met with a grim situation, with doctors informing them of her critical condition. Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Kidd explained to the family that they would be using the Impella technology to support Cindy’s heart function by pumping blood out of her heart and into the rest of her body when the heart is not functioning properly.

The Impella is a small but powerful tool that has revolutionized cardiac arrest treatment by providing life-saving support while allowing the left ventricle to recover more quickly. Despite not fully understanding the technology, Cindy’s family trusted Dr. Kidd’s expertise and decision in using it to save her life.

Thanks to this new technology and Dr. Kidd’s quick thinking, Cindy was able to receive life-saving treatment and ultimately survive her cardiac arrest episode.

In conclusion, thanks to new Impella technology and Dr. Kidd’s expertise in using it, Cindy Miessen was able to receive life-saving treatment during a sudden cardiac arrest episode that almost claimed her life. This story serves as a testament

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