Experience the Future of Housing: Business Insider Subscribers Can View Detroit’s First 3D Printed Home

Check Out a Brand New 3D Printed Home for Sale in Detroit for $224,500

Business Insider subscribers can now read about Nonprofit Citizen Robotics’ completion of Detroit’s first 3D printed home. The two-bedroom house is located in the Islandview neighborhood and is priced at $224,500. With its 988-square-foot unit featuring printed walls and planters, this quaint property offers a glimpse into the future of housing.

If you’re considering a move to Detroit, this new home may be worth a look. Its location near parks, restaurants, and the Detroit River makes it convenient for residents to enjoy the city’s amenities. Despite its bright green exterior and price tag, living in this unit would make you the first occupant of a 3D printed home in Detroit.

For those intrigued by the idea of living in a 3D printed home, this opportunity may be right for you. Access to this story is exclusive to Business Insider subscribers. Log in or become an Insider now to start reading about this exciting development in the world of housing technology.

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