Experience Luxurious Lighting with Kalco’s New CCT LED Technology

Kalco Lighting presents new Color Temperature Technology

Kalco Lighting has introduced a new CCT LED technology that enhances luxury lighting experiences in both residential and commercial settings. This innovative technology allows customers to effortlessly adjust the color temperature, ranging from warm to cool tones, to suit their unique preferences for different decorative lighting styles.

Riki Lent, senior vice president at Kalco Lighting and Allegri Crystal, highlighted the significance of color temperature selections in luxury lighting designs. He emphasized that the right color temperature can influence a room’s atmosphere and positively affect our well-being. The new technology offers interior designers and commercial customers more options to set the mood for their space and create visually dynamic environments.

Kalco Lighting’s range of color temperature options includes warm hues with a temperature of 2700k and cooler tones with a temperature of 4000k. Warm colors are perfect for relaxing spaces like living rooms or outdoor entertaining areas, while cooler colors are ideal for vibrant and energetic environments like offices, high-end restaurants, and resorts.

The latest CCT LED technology aligns with Kalco Lighting’s naturally inspired design style, which incorporates sustainable materials and earthy color palettes to promote relaxation and wellness by strengthening connections to nature. Additionally, this new technology can increase energy efficiency as lower color temperatures consume less energy.

The CCT technology is available in several new lighting collections, including the avant-garde Piovere Collection from Allegri Crystal and the nature-inspired Folium Collection from Kalco Lighting. Designed by Kalco’s award-winning Vice President of Design and Development Takayuki Ishii, the Folium Collection offers customizable color temperatures to provide a visually captivating, glare-free outdoor lighting experience.

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