Exclusive Images Show Banožić’s Car Hidden Components: Winch, Headlights, and Intake Manifold Discovered

A 20-year-old Nissan Terrano 2.7 TD Wagon SUV owned by Mario Banožić is the subject of an investigation after a serious accident involving the vehicle was hidden from authorities. The car, which was estimated to be worth slightly more than 7,000 euros on the property card, has been reinforced with a roof rack and a bull bar at the front, but parts that did not originally belong to the car and were not certified have also been found. These parts were reportedly upgraded for Banožić by a personal friend and hunting companion who owns a well-known construction company from Vinkovci.

Inspection photos reveal that the disputed parts include a winch, reinforced bumper, additional headlights, reflectors on the roof reinforcement, and a suction branch above the hood. The SUV was featured on Nova TV’s Expose program, raising questions about its safety and legality.

Banožić was admitted to the hospital in a hunting suit following the accident in which he killed the father of two children while out hunting. The incident highlights the dangers of modifying vehicles without proper certification and raises concerns about public safety on Croatian roads.

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