Exclusive footage reveals Hamas militants kidnapping patients at al-Shifa medical facility

The al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City has been referred to as a terror clinic after the Israeli military discovered a 55-meter long terror tunnel under its grounds. Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, is known for using sensitive buildings such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens as shields for their infrastructure. However, surveillance footage revealed that the hospital was firmly in the hands of Hamas, with hostages being taken to the clinic by terrorists.

During their attack on Israel, Hamas kidnapped around 240 hostages to the Gaza Strip, including citizens from 26 countries. The bodies of two Israeli hostages were found near the al-Shifa complex, with one of them being a 19-year-old soldier who was assassinated inside the hospital by a Hamas terrorist. This revelation challenges the previous narrative of international criticism against Israel’s actions and sheds new light on the situation in Gaza.

The Israeli military’s discovery of a terror tunnel under al-Shifa hospital grounds also highlights Hamas’ tactics of using civilians as human shields. This content presents new information about international criticism of Israel’s actions during its storming of al-Shifa Hospital and provides insight into Hamas’ use of sensitive buildings as hiding places for their infrastructure.

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