Ex-OpenAI Director Takes on New Role at Microsoft to Head Up AI Research Initiative

Microsoft has announced that Sam Altman, the co-founder and recently ousted chief executive of OpenAI, will be joining the company to lead a new AI research team. This move comes after Altman’s recent departure from OpenAI.

In a post on the X platform, Microsoft owner Satya Nadella wrote that Altman and Greg Brockman, co-founders of OpenAI, will bring their expertise in artificial intelligence to Microsoft. The company has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI and has integrated the technology into its own products, such as the Bing search engine.

Altman responded on the X social network, stating that he was excited about this new opportunity and looking forward to continuing his work in AI at Microsoft. He also mentioned that his mission continues and that he is confident in his ability to lead the new AI research team at Microsoft.

The first version of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI, was launched on November 30, 2022, marking a significant development in the field of artificial intelligence.

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