Europol Secures Warrant for Arrest of Dangerous and Violent New Croatian Criminals

The Croatian fugitive Tomislav Drmić (30) has been on the run for a long time from Croatian justice. Despite several attempts to extradite him, he remains at large. In April this year, Bosnian police were supposed to extradite him, but the day before the extradition, they went to his address under restraining orders but did not find him. Drmić is wanted for criminal association, commission of a criminal offense as part of a criminal association, unauthorized production and trafficking of drugs, illegal possession, manufacture and procurement of weapons and explosive substances. He is considered dangerous, violent, armed and prone to escape – as Europol clearly states.

The second Croat that Europol is looking for is Davor Čizmok (43), who was illegally sentenced to 34 years in prison for the double murder of entrepreneur Pera Martić and his friend Jadranka Modrić on the night of March 28, 2004 in Osijek. This is the third trial in this case. At the first trial in 2014, Čizmok and his partner Damir Hendanović were acquitted due to lack of evidence, while at the repeated trial in 2017, both were found guilty. Čizmok was sentenced to 40 years in prison while Handanović received 21 years. After the Supreme Court annulled the first-instance verdicts from the first two trials due to procedural reasons, the third trial began in February 2020. The indictment accused Handanović of having persuaded Čizmok to kill Pera Martić in order to take over ownership of a slot machine club he planned on opening in Osijek. He gave him an advance and promised more money if he succeeded. Čizmok killed Martić with several shots from a firearm and Jadranka Modrić with several shots as well because she happened to be there with Martić at that moment according to the indictment. He did not appear at sentencing and a warrant was issued immediately – Europol states that he could be dangerous, violent or armed.

Europol encourages anyone with information about these fugitives’ whereabouts to provide it through their website or contact law enforcement authorities directly

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