ESPN’s Mollie McGrath Alleges Fox News’ Charissa Thompson Fabricated Reports” – Deadline

Recently, ESPN college football and hoops sideline reporter Mollie McGrath commented on the behavior of Charissa Thompson, the host of Fox Sports’ NFL Kickoff. McGrath criticized Thompson’s approach to her job as a sideline reporter for Fox, stating that it was “not normal or ethical.” In an interview on the Pardon My Take podcast, Thompson admitted to sometimes fabricating reports due to circumstances such as the coach not coming out for half time or delays.

Thompson explained that she would make up reports to avoid messing up the report, stating that she reasoned that “no coach is gonna get mad if I say” certain statements, assuming they wouldn’t correct her. However, McGrath disagreed with Thompson’s approach and advised young reporters that it is not normal or ethical to fabricate reports. She emphasized the importance of trust and credibility with coaches and players, which can be lost if reporters are found to be dishonest.

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