Empowering Seniors: Preventing Fraud and Scams in Western Michigan”.

Better Business Bureau teaches West Michigan seniors how to protect themselves from scams

The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Western Michigan Educational Foundation hosted a workshop for West Michigan seniors at the Portage Senior Center, where they learned about common fraud scams targeting older adults. Led by Lisa Frohnapfel, president and CEO of the BBB in Western Michigan, the seminar covered topics such as online shopping scams, identity theft, and other tactics used by scammers to steal money and personal information.

Troy Baker, vice president of community relations and education at the BBB, emphasized the importance of being able to differentiate between what is real and what is fake in order to protect oneself from scams. The seniors were provided with real-life examples of scams in action and resources to help them prevent falling victim to fraud.

Shelley Steinmiller, a senior who almost fell victim to a scam herself, expressed gratitude for the seminar and the opportunity to learn more about fraud prevention. The Better Business Bureau will be hosting one more fraud prevention presentation in West Michigan on March 13 at Holland Hospital’s Healthy Life Programs building. Those interested in attending can make reservations online to learn how to protect themselves from scams and avoid falling victim to fraud.

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