Empowering Girls through Science: A Day Dedicated to Unlocking their Potential

Girls enthusiastically participated in science activities on the UN’s International Day dedicated to them

On a day dedicated to them by the UN, girls eagerly participated in science activities held at the Library of Mexico. These activities aimed to foster scientific skills and creativity in young minds. The Adopt a Talent program conducted a series of workshops where participants carried out experiments and proposed solutions to challenges. Through activities such as Fleet, Float workshops, and Spill Cleanup experiments, the girls were able to use their imagination and develop their scientific abilities.

During the first experiment, the girls were tasked with designing and building a model that would allow objects to float on water’s surface. They used their imaginations, basic information, and verification to create aluminum foil structures. In the second experiment, the girls were encouraged to propose ways to reverse oil contamination in water, prompting reflection and creative thinking about different strategies for cleaning polluted waters.

The experiments sparked curiosity among the participants, who asked many questions and engaged in discussions about the materials they used. They touched, observed, and used their imaginations while carrying out the tasks. After the experiments, the girls learned valuable lessons about cleaning contaminated water and shared their newfound knowledge with their parents.

The Adopt a Talent program aims to inspire young people to observe, learn to predict, generate hypotheses, and interpret data. They also collaborate with groups in different states to offer periodic workshops. The day ended with presentations about the challenges faced by women in science fields, emphasizing the importance of encouraging young girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering

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