Empowering Children to Read for Pleasure: World Book Day’s “Read Your Way” Campaign”.

World Book Day’s Annual Campaign Encourages Children to Read for Enjoyment

The “Read Your Way” campaign by World Book Day is focused on encouraging children to read for pleasure this year. The charity aims to support children in building a lifelong habit of reading for fun. To achieve this goal, bookshops, publishers, libraries, and schools across the country are preparing for a series of activities leading up to World Book Day on March 7th.

Cassie Chadderton, CEO of World Book Day, stated that children often feel judged on their reading ability and choices. This year’s campaign puts children’s voices first and aims to give them the choice and opportunity to grow up with the life-changing benefits of reading for enjoyment. The industry’s support for the charity’s annual campaign is crucial in creating the readers of the future.

On March 7th, an interactive bookshop tour will follow in UK high streets, supported by £1 National Book Token books. Waterstones and independent bookshops like The Children’s Bookshop in London and Quinns Bookshop in Leicestershire will host events with authors such as Tọlá Okogwu, Rob Biddulph, and Louie Stowell. Additionally, children in disadvantaged areas will have the chance to meet World Book Day £1 authors and illustrators at 20 libraries across the country through a partnership project between the charity and UK libraries, funded by Arts Council England and Julia and Hans Rausing.

Michael Morpurgo OBE will also participate in an online World Book Day event hosted by the Royal National Institute of Blind People on Saturday, March 9th. University presses are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusivity and have launched a new initiative to inspire the next generation of publishers through work with local secondary schools. Andersen Press has partnered with TV and social media sensations Ollie and Gareth Locke to read their £1 World Book Day book “Elmer and the Patchwork Story” by David McKee.

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