Electricity Exchange Prices on the Rise, While Fixed Contract Prices Drop: Don’t Miss Out on These Exclusive Deals!

HS’s calculator offers a convenient way for consumers to compare their own electricity contracts with the available options on the exchange. The price of electricity on the exchange has been on a steady rise since November, with an average of 9.4 cents per kilowatt hour in November, compared to 4.7 cents in October and 4.1 cents in September. This increase is due to several factors, including weak wind power production and the interruption of electricity production in the third unit of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

On Tuesday, the price of electricity on the exchange reached a record high of 96.4 cents per kilowatt hour, but at an average price of 35.7 cents per kilowatt hour for the day. Despite this spike, companies have been able to obtain electricity at a significantly lower price by scheduling their use during favorable hours. The fact that fixed-price contracts are even slightly cheaper than at the beginning of November shows how much companies are benefiting from this strategy.

The price of electricity on the exchange is determined hourly in Nordpool, and can sometimes even be negative. However, it’s important for consumers to understand that they will always pay a fixed transfer price to their network company and electricity tax according to consumption, regardless of whether they choose to purchase on the exchange or through a contract with their supplier. By using HS’s calculator, consumers can make informed decisions about their energy needs and find the best deals for their individual circumstances.

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