E-Cloud: Leveraging Technology to Revitalize Journalistic Archives

E-Cloud: Leveraging Technology to Revitalize Journalistic Archives

With the advancement of technology, old and valuable content that was once left behind is now being rescued and given new value. This not only brings back the past but also makes it useful in the present, providing both economic and cultural benefits. E-Cloud is a company that stands out for its contribution in this area.

Silvia Miró Quesada, a journalist and writer, is responsible for digitizing the historical archive of El Comercio. She also chairs the Latin American Council for Accreditation of Education in Journalism and Communication (CLAEP) and is an advisor on the Editorial Advisory Council of the Press Unit of the El Comercio Group. She is the founder and CEO of E-Cloud, a company specializing in technological solutions for the management and exploitation of journalistic data.

E-Cloud’s main goal is to add value to historical data through technological solutions and help media outlets generate additional income by monetizing their historical content. By digitizing and managing written files, E-Cloud aims to help media stay competitive in a constantly evolving digital environment.

The company offers services to Latin American journalistic media to help them monetize their historical content through technological platforms. By partnering with media outlets, E-Cloud evaluates the financial viability of historical journalistic archives and provides solutions tailored to their specific needs.

E-Cloud manages three technological platforms that allow access to digital data. These platforms enable viewing of files, storage and distribution of copies, and creation of derivative products using artificial intelligence. By leveraging these platforms, media outlets can generate additional income by making their historical content available to a wider audience.

E-Cloud’s expertise in managing and monetizing historical journalistic archives has already attracted interest from clients interested in audiovisual media data management. The company plans to expand its services to include television and radio data management in the future.

Overall, E-Cloud’s innovative approach to digitizing and monetizing historical content is helping media outlets unlock the full potential of their archives and stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

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