Dubai Street Skateboarding Tour: Skaters Battle for Olympic Qualification at Dubai Harbour

Dubai Street 2024: World Skateboarding Tour

The Dubai Street Skateboarding Tour, a crucial part of the ‘Road to Paris’ for park and street skateboarders aiming to compete at the Olympic Games, is currently underway at Dubai Harbour in the United Arab Emirates from March 3rd to March 10th. This event is an essential milestone on their journey towards qualifying for the Olympics.

Skaters participating in this event have the opportunity to earn points towards their Olympic World Skate Ranking (OWSR) before the cut is made for the Olympic Qualifying Series (OQS), which is the next phase of qualification. The OQS consists of two competitions in Shanghai and Budapest, where the final fields for Paris 2024 will be determined.

The selection process for the OQS considers factors such as limiting the number of athletes per country per event, representing all continents, including athletes from host countries of the Olympic Games and OQS, and providing Universality places for eligible athletes. After the Dubai event, the top 44 eligible athletes per gender in OWSR will be invited to participate in this competition.

As we get closer to qualification season, keep updated on all the latest results from WST Paris 2024 Olympic street qualifying events in Dubai. Watch as skaters strive to secure their spots at the Olympics and make their mark on global skateboarding stages.

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