Dividend Fever in Finland: Investors Take Advantage of Falling Prices at Nordnet

Private investors are now flocking to buy more Fortum shares, making it the top choice.

In February 2024, Finnish customers at Nordnet took advantage of falling stock prices and saw a net increase in investments of up to 223 million euros. Private investors from both Finland and abroad were busy buying up dividend shares from companies like Nestet and Nvidia, which saw significant price increases. Companies like Fortum, Nordea, UPM-Kymmene, and Comman were among the most purchased shares by investors seeking strong dividends. However, shares like In this and Fortum saw declines due to market factors.

Foreign investors also made large purchases, with Nvidia being a popular choice due to its strong performance and potential in artificial intelligence applications. Other foreign stocks like AMD, Microsoft, SAAB, and Rheinmetall were also popular picks among investors. Finnish investors were diversifying their portfolios with foreign stocks, with technology and artificial intelligence companies from the US market gaining popularity.

The trend towards diversification and seeking growth opportunities is evident in the trading patterns observed at Nordnet. The Finnish private investors showed optimism in the stock market for 2024, with hopes for a turnaround after two negative years. Despite this optimism, there were still some challenges faced by these investors as they navigated through the ever-changing financial landscape of 2024.

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