Disrupting the Status Quo: The 2021 Business Report Awards & Hall of Fame Honorees Lead the Way

Baton Rouge Business Awards & Hall of Fame 2024

For the past forty years, Business Report has been honoring the disruptors and visionaries who are shaping the economic landscape of our region through the annual Business Awards & Hall of Fame. This year’s honorees are exceptional individuals making a significant impact. In the following pages, you will learn about the innovative journeys of George A. Foster Jr. of Guaranty Corporation, Nanette Noland of The Powell Group, Perry Franklin of Franklin & Associates, and Jaime Glas Odom, also known as the Queen of Sparkles, whose legacies continue to inspire generations of entrepreneurs.

Each honoree has a unique story to tell, showcasing their strategic thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to excellence. From Nanette Noland’s transformative leadership at The Powell Group to George A. Foster Jr.’s lasting impact at Guaranty Corporation, these individuals have left a lasting mark on the business community.

The Hall of Fame will recognize Nanette Noland of The Powell Group and posthumously honor George A. Foster Jr. of Guaranty Corporation for their outstanding contributions to the business world. Perry Franklin of Franklin & Associates will be celebrated as the Executive of the Year for his exceptional leadership skills while Jaime Glas Odom of Queen of Sparkles will be acknowledged as the Young Businessperson of the Year for her innovative approach to entrepreneurship. Additionally, 365 Labs and Pala Group will be honored as Companies of the Year recognizing their outstanding achievements and success in their respective industries.

These honorees are a true reflection

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