Depot home accessories chain closes branches

Depot home accessories chain closes branches

The home accessories chain Depot is currently facing challenges with 25 out of its 49 branches in Austria being under scrutiny for deficiencies, as reported by the “Kronen Zeitung”. Rainer Schrems, the managing director of the store chain, has already taken steps to address the situation by pre-registering around half of the 400 employees with the AMS as a precautionary measure.

The chain is experiencing economic difficulties due to more money being spent on travel and restaurants rather than decorations. However, there are profitable locations, such as those at train stations. Schrems anticipates that approximately 10 to 15 branches may need to be closed, but negotiations are still ongoing with landlords to secure better rental agreements. There will be a big sale at the affected locations next week.

Schrems is committed to finding new jobs for the terminated employees at companies he has contacts with, such as Humanic, ÖAMTC travel agencies, and Intimissimi/Calzedonia. The situation at Depot is being actively managed in order to secure the future of the chain and its employees.

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