Dalić: The Success of Our Team Depends on These Two Players – Let’s Keep them Fresh for the Future!

In a significant victory, the Croatian national football team defeated Latvia 2-0 in the qualifiers for Euro 2024 in Germany. This puts them back on track for a new major competition, and their draw against Armenia was instrumental in this outcome. After the match, Zlatko Dalić spoke to the press about his team’s progress and shared some insights into their training and preparation for upcoming games.

Dalić expressed his satisfaction with his players’ performance and highlighted the importance of having a strong squad going into big competitions. He also emphasized that they need to be cautious about any potential injuries or setbacks that could derail their progress. The coach called on Andrija Belja to join the team if any of their key players were unable to participate in future matches.

Kramarić, who recently recovered from an injury, played well in Riga and was praised by Dalić for his performance. However, he still needs more playing time to fully regain his form. Marc Pašalić’s performance was also noted by Dalić as being impressive despite limited playing time due to injury. The coach emphasized the need for consistency and dedication from all players in order to succeed at the highest level of play.

As Croatia continues its journey towards qualifying for Euro 2024, Dalić urged caution and seriousness in their approach to each game. He reminded them that nothing is ever truly over until it’s over and that they must always strive for excellence on the field. With one win against Armenia, Croatia has everything within its grasp, but they must maintain focus and work hard if they want to achieve their ultimate goal of qualifying for a major competition like Euro 2024.

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