Croatia Set to Host European Parliament for a Second Year in a Row

Croatia is set to host the senior European men’s water polo championship, which will take place from January 4 to 16, 2024. The tournament, which was last held in Split and resulted in a gold medal for Croatia, is being hosted by Dubrovnik and Zagreb – the two cities that have become synonymous with Croatian success in this sport.

As the executive vice-president of the Croatian Water Polo Association, Perica Bukić expressed his gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, headed by President Andrej Plenković, for their support of our project and candidacy once again. He also thanked Josip Varvodić for his contribution as first vice-president of European Aquatics in securing this honor for Croatia.

This championship serves as a qualification for the World Championship in Doha, scheduled to take place in February 2024. However, it also offers one spot at the Olympic Games in Paris, making it an incredibly important competition for Croatia. We understand the responsibility that comes with hosting such a high-profile event and we are determined to deliver on all fronts – both organizationally and competitively.

The first part of the tournament will be played in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, with matches for places 1st to 8th taking place at the pool by the Sava in Zagreb and matches for places 9th to 16th being held at the Gruž pool in Dubrovnik. It is our hope that these cities will continue to showcase their support and passion for water polo as they did during previous championships held there.

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