Controversy arises over North Phoenix home-based starting gun business duo

Controversy arises over North Phoenix home-based starting gun business duo

Residents in a north Phoenix neighborhood are expressing their dissatisfaction with a neighbor’s plan to operate a gun and ammo business out of his home. Michael Shetlar, a neighbor, voiced concerns, stating, “It’s not the right place for it.” The proposed business, King Tactical, LLC, is the brainchild of John Shaw and Ryan Zillioux and would be located near 34th Street and Utopia Road.

Shaw and Zillioux explained in a phone interview with Arizona’s Family that the business would primarily operate online with minimal personal contact. They assured that all safety and security measures would be in place and that the business would be fully compliant with ATF regulations. However, Shetlar and other neighbors are worried not just about the products being sold but also about the implications of having a gun business in their residential neighborhood.

The community’s main concern seems to be the potential commercialization of the area due to the gun business. Shaw and Zillioux emphasized that the majority of transactions would occur online, with customers needing to pass a background check and make an appointment to pick up their purchases. They also mentioned that running the business from a home is a temporary solution, with plans to move to a larger facility in the future.

The city of Phoenix is currently reviewing the application for a use permit for the home occupation. This permit is necessary due to the business generating traffic and the need for official approval for a Federal Firearms License from the ATF. The case will be heard at the upcoming Zoning Adjustment Hearing on April 4th.

Overall, there is a divide in the neighborhood between those who support the business and those who are against it. Shaw and Zillioux believe that misconceptions about the business are fueling opposition and hope to address these concerns through communication and transparency.

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